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Info about hiring Joan

Joan is a noted expert in the field of Jewish cuisine and culture. Her past lectures and cooking demonstrations have covered a variety of delicious topics, including the Story of the Bagel, Latkes and Civilization, and the History of Passover. She also speaks frequently about her various cookbooks, the history of French Food, the history of Israeli food, as well as the story of Jewish cookery in the United States.

If you are interested in having Joan speak at your next event, contact Robert Levinson at RLLectures@outlook.com and include the event date and time, the venue, and the number of guests as well as any additional relevant information.

What people are saying when Joan Nathan comes to their community!

Colin Rier

Food history student at McGill University, Food fellow at the Museum of Jewish Montreal

I just wanted to personally thank you for all you did to make the event on Sunday, the smashing success that it was. Your ability to pull all of the different threads of Jewish cuisine and history together into one flowing story is magical to behold in person. The discussion you were able to put together with Lara, Daphna, and Susan was fascinating.

Vicki Solot

Executive Director, First Person Arts

"Thank you so much for helping to arrange for Joan Nathan's appearance at the First Person Festival. Her program was excellent and the audience adored her...I want to be sure she knows how grateful we are that she took time out her busy schedule to come to Philadelphia to join us. I hope she enjoyed being here as much as everyone enjoyed having her."

Mimi Weisberg

Director of Jewish Cultural Arts and Education, Jewish Community Center of Greater Ann Arbor

"Tonight was truly a one of a kind experience for me and the other 225 people who came to listen! It is absolutely no wonder that you have had the phenomenal success in your career: you are brilliant, gracious, charming and completely lovely!"